18 Jun 2010

Yet another new toy

The back, showing off the spiffy Gelaskin art.
 Well, I was supposed to get this for my birthday, but after moaning and groaning over how much I wanted one and making moon eyes at it every time we were in Chapters, the man caved and bought me my very own Kobo last weekend.

Now I really wasn't fussy on the white version; I really wanted the black but they didn't have any in stock so I sighed all dramatic like and went with the white but picked up one of these really cool Gelaskins for it.  I think I shall become a Gelaskin junkie and change it up every couple months or so, they're just that cool.  (Check out the huge stock of images they have over at their very own website. They have skins for all kinds of devices, not just Kobos.
The front of the device; very uncluttered.

The only things I don't like about the Kobo are the software that came with it and the fact that there isn't a page count for the whole book.  The Kobo desktop software is not a very intuitive piece of software.  In fact it is actually rather awkward and annoying to use so I just stick with the Adobe Digital Editions and move my books around that way.  Hopefully the Kobo designers will come up with a more functional software in the near future.  As for the page count, the Kobo has a page count per chapter and when you are reviewing your 'currently reading' list is will tell you what chapter you are on for each book rather than a page count or percent done.  Not a huge, huge issue for most people but it makes updating my read progress at Goodreads a tad annoying.

Overall, though, I really, really love the screen on this thing.  Much easier on the eyes than my Libre (though I still have the Libre around because I just can't convince myself to pass it along to someone else) and the unit is much lighter than the Libre as well.  The fact that there are no page turn buttons on the left side took a while for me to get used to, but I'm cruising along fairly well with the Kobo now.  Even the 'flash' on page turns doesn't bother me now that I'm used to it.

I've read three books on it so far (reviews for them upcoming - wanted to finish the series and review them as a whole) and have started a fourth so obviously it was a good idea.

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