30 Jan 2011

The New Year hath arrived

Crap.  Six months without posting is never a good thing.  I blame it on insanity.

Lets see ...  the big events of the past six months:

1.  We bought a house.  Yep.  Moved in sometime in September and had our first Halloween and Christmas here.  Took a little getting used to, but everyone is pretty much settled in now.  Still have some boxes that need unpacking but have no where to put the stuff that is in them so... yeah.

Heh.  Yeah that's about the only real major thing that's happened.  Halloween was really cool.  We had a /ton/ of kids come by for trick or treating and it was great to see all the really neat costumes.  Christmas was fun, though busy.  My brother and his family came down from up north and A's brother made it as well, so it was a full house here.  Lots of noise and lots of food and everyone seemed to have a good time even though we had no snow.  Mother Nature has since made up for that lack in the last few weeks.  We've got our winter wonderland outside now. 

I managed to read 74 books last year, so I've set my goal for this year to 100.  5 down so far.  I also started a separate blog for my book reviews.  If you are so inclined you can find it here.

Oh.  We got a dog.  After we moved in we got a gorgeous Golden Retriever puppy and named her Bailey.  She's six months old now, just recovering from being spayed and microchipped.  Lovely dog with a great personality and soooo good with the little guy.  Speaking of ... he just turned 5 yesterday.  Five years... lord that's gone by fast.

The other two are doing okay in school, though the eldest is slacking and really needs to work on his time management and keeping track of his assignments.  Keeping my fingers crossed that his next semester will make that sink in.  Middle child ... well we're still working on his anger issues and trying to find something that we can all agree on re: his autism.  I've been a bad parent and haven't made all the phone calls I should have to find programs for him.  I know it is going to come back and bite me in the ass, but he's not even remotely interested in making an effort so ... can i force him to hang out with other autistic kids just to make him realize he's not alone?  Bah.

New addictions of note:  Fallout 3 for the PlayStation 3.  My new video game addiction.  Wasn't doing so great at the shooting part of the game, but I love that it is an RPG as well as a first person shooter.  There is a story in there that is really interesting to watch evolve.  I still have issues with staying alive while exploring, but at least I'm still having fun with the game.  Enough fun that it drives the eldest bonkers since I'm cutting into /his/ game time *snickers*. 

Ah well.  Life rolls along and we're all doing just peachy for the time being.

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