28 Mar 2010

Quiet Weekend

Like the title says, it was a rather quiet weekend.

Saturday was spent doing a lot of wandering around and window shopping at various stores. The Man is seriously contemplating a new television, which means we need to look at new television stands and a place for the guniea pig's cage to go. I've got no complaints in this department... a new television would rock. We spent some time at the mall and I hit the Sony store to check out their ereaders again. Price has come down and I really don't seem to mind the 6" touch screen one. Not sure if I should wait for the newest model to hit shelves or just grab the one that's there now :p.

Today was another wandering day, but we actually made purchases! No, no TV, but I did get all the yarn I need to make the baby blanket I want to make for a friend of mine. His wife is pregnant and it is their first child, so I figured I'd do up a blankie for them. The little guy got new shoes (his feet grow so damn fast!) and we decided to get a potty seat for the big toilet with hopes that perhaps he'd rather just do it that way. Keeping fingers crossed on that front :p (Have I mentioned I hate potty training???).

Now I'm off to crawl into bed.

currently reading: Going Bovine - Libba Bray

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