7 May 2010

Some random catchup

This is just one of the images I tend to find on my camera if I leave it out and the little guy gets his hands on it. He's actually managed to take some very interesting shots, but most tend to be blurry because he moves around too much. He is completely fascinated with the camera; has been for a while. He's my favorite subject to take pictures of because he simply loves to ham it up when a camera is pointed in his direction.

Really not too much new to report on. I've been enjoying the new TV. I must say that bluray movies in high def really are lovely to watch on the appropriate equipment. I actually play with the playstation 3 games now as well. It makes it more fun when you can actually /read/ the instructions on the screen.

I rented Heavy Rain for myself, but the elder son got his hands on it and finished the game first. It was ... an interesting game; very dark noir detective tale with the player controlling four different main characters. Each chapter of the game focused on one of the characters and you pieced everything together from the clues that all four managed to gather throughout gameplay. The controls took a little while to get used to (one of my characters even died because I messed up the sequence of button presses!) but after playing for a bit it actually added to the story. Overall an interesting game to play through but not one that I'd have bought since there really isn't much replay value. Once you know who the killer is the mystery isn't so much a mystery anymore.

I think I'm forcing myself out of my reading slump. After my horrible lack of reading in April I've decided to make more of an effort to actually /read/. One thing I've done is to set up a new blog specifically for my revies and ramblings about what I am reading. You can view it by clicking here.

That's pretty much all for now.
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